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How to use Avatarify in 3 Fast Steps

Avatarify is one of the latest trending apps to hit Windows, Android, and iOS stores. It’s similar to the REFACE application where you can insert your face on celebrities during an action sequence. However, Avatarify enhances the fun by letting you animate any photo you choose.

If you’ve downloaded the app and ready to enjoy the experience, here’s how to use Avatarify.

How to use Avatarify

The process is fairly straightforward, although you may experience some technical difficulties along the way. We’ll explain the process as best we can and hope you don’t get frustrated while mirroring these steps.

Step 1: Select a photo

First up, you’ll need to select the photo that you’re going to animate. The face needs to be as clear as possible, otherwise, you’ll struggle to link your face to the one on the image. You can go as far as using your pet or boss, as long as you don’t offend anyone in the process. Of course, if it’s your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, who cares, right?

Step 2: Record a video

Now’s the time to step up to the plate. Prepare what you want to say and put your best acting to good use. Remember, the Avatar in the photo will attempt to mimic your expressions and words, so make sure you pronounce everything precisely. Yes, you can also make absurd sounds if that’s your goal.

Step 3: Animate the photo

Once you’ve completed the recording, it’s time for the A.I. to kick in. Avatarify will now synchronize your expressions and words with the photo you selected at the beginning. If it does this successfully, you can save and share it with your friends. Alternatively, you may need to try again with a better photo or recording.

Become a superstar or the president

It’s fun being someone else for a moment, almost like going away for a holiday. You can spend time as your favorite celebrity, or become your pet dog. Just don’t get too carried away and land yourself in deep trouble!

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